Monday, July 11, 2011

Belize Basics

This blog was created to help you learn about owning property in Belize.  Of course it helps to know a little bit about Belize and what is has to offer a property investor .........

So, why Belize?  Good Question!

It's a global economy.  It's long been advised that you don't keep all your money in one bank or one stock and these days it's advised that you don't invest in just one country.   Ok, good idea in theory, but how do you decide what "other" place to invest and how do you do it safely and intelligently? 

First, pick something you have a little experience with already.  For most of us, real estate is an area of investment where we have some experience and understanding.  Also - it's "real" which is not just a play on words.  Real estate is something you can touch, see, and use.  You can improve it, convey it, gain income from it and enjoy it.   As the old adage goes - "they're not making any more of it."  Until the dot-com rage, virtually all the great fortunes in the world were based on owning or controlling real estate.  And guess what, even a computer software mogul needs a house, and a place to park his/her money.  Under all is the earth ...... and Belize is a very special spot on planet earth. 

Assuming you already agree with the idea of real estate as an investment choice (after all you're reading this blog), and assuming that you might want to consider Belize (after all you're reading this blog) ..... here are a few thoughts on why Belize really is a good idea:

English Common Law
Strong Private Property Rights
Clear Title (Absolute, Fee-Simple, Freehold)
Non-litigious business climate
Contracts are easy to read and understand
Intent of contracts prevails (no getting caught in tricky fine print)
Abundant natural resources
Well educated population
Friendly, welcoming people
Multi-cultural society without racial strife
Offshore Banking
Leading edge company/trust/asset protection plans
Foreigners can own property without extra fees or permits
Great weather
Tourism opportunities
Good health care
Modern communications
Low Taxes
Democratic government
Environmentally responsible
Peaceful - Belize has never been at war
Secure, safe, healthy environment.
Belize dollar has a fixed exchange rate with the US Dollar
Belize real estate is a ground-floor investment opportunity
And ........ IT'S BEAUTIFUL HERE!!   AND FUN!!

Who am I and why should you listen to me?  
My name is Diane Campbell.   My husband and I live on the beach about 5 miles north of San Pedro, on Ambergris Caye in Belize.   I was a licensed Realtor in California from 1980-1992.  My husband was a builder of fine homes in Malibu, California.  We moved here in 1992 have lived here full-time ever since.   Together we have built a life and a business in Belize.  We buy and sell real estate, we build and sell developments.   We've made a nice life here and we intend to stay.   We loved Ambergris Caye as we found it many years ago and are mindful of honoring its integrity as we participate in its growth and inevitable development.   Investing in real estate is all we know and all we do.  It's worked for us and we firmly believe it can work for you, provided that you use common sense and do just a little homework.   I hope that by sharing some of what we've learned over the years that I can assist in shortening your learning curve and give you the information you need to make an intelligent choice when purchasing real estate in this amazing country.

Initially I'll be posting a series of basic real estate "lessons" pertinent to Belize.   When current events have an impact on Real Estate investments, I will post them here as well.   Check in weekly for the newest topic !